2nd week

This week the group communicated a little better and we managed to hammer out a few more ideas. We also settled on a final idea for the game to be based on. Our idea was the ‘Zombie Pacifist’ a zombie game with a twist, the twist being that the player will be able to go down one of two paths. The player can play through the game with non-lethal weaponry to ‘cure’ the zombie infection. This will be where the game is unique. We are now coming up with lots of ideas regarding the details of the ‘Gameplay’ some of which are good and some not so good but these are only ideas at the moment. We’ll have to start to organise these ideas into categories soon, so that they will be easier to organise into our documentation for the module. I’m quite confident that we have a good idea and that its different to the rest of the games out there at present. I’m just hoping that the good ideas keep flowing. Below are some of the ideas for the game that we have come up with so far:

Gameplay ideas

Zombie pacifist (possible different name?)

 Aim of the game…..

Cure the zombies, save the world…or kill them

 -Special zombies..need to be saved cause they help you out.. need to damage them so they’re weak enough to ‘cure’

-playable character has a phobia of blood..pass(or blurred vision, stumbles) out for a few seconds if a zombie is killed…vulnerable for a few seconds to attack, if you persistantly kill you will eventually get used to it and be fine

-is possible to go down the ‘evil’ route but is more difficult

-decision part way through to ‘help’ zombies or humans…??

-Include part of game where player must fight armed forces who are sent in to clean up the epidemic.
-Set in current day Paisley…

-Thriller distraction boombox! Cameo by MJ??

-meat trap laced with sleeping pills

-’good’ and ‘evil’ storyline paths… ‘evil’ is much harder?

-Upgradeable skills (eg – speed, stealth, strength, hacking?)

-Main primary weapon is water cannon? Can be upgraded with lethal/non lethal attachments?(lethal much later in game, flamethrower?)

-blowdart gun?

-Love interest is a female (or male) zombie.

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