This weeks lecture was geared towards challenges and that elusive word Gameplay. As a group this week we discussed the games story briefly from last week to allow one member to catch up on what we’ve done so far, as he was off last week. Also we have been discussing the challenges the games story will encompass. Luke is working on a diagram of one of the levels so that it is easy to plan out the levels and different ways in which the game will play out, due to the many in-game moral decisions. I have written a brief document on the start of what challenges will feature in our ‘Gameplay’. (See below)



‘Gameplay’ Challenges


The challenges we aim to have in our game are going to be linked to the environment to try to immerse the user in the game as much as possible, so that they are focused on what is happening in game.

Morality challenges will be very important to the gameplay as it is very much centred around the choices you make, the “good” or “not so good” story line. There will be different game story line depending on the moral choices that the user makes. There will however be set points that happen that the user cannot prevent, however the user has a choice on how they play out that particular scenario. The game will also feature many other types of challenge to keep the gameplay ‘fresh’ so that there is no detectable repeating pattern to the game to keep the user interested.

There will be an upgrade system in the game, but it won’t have an economy as such but there will be challenges to get items, such as guns, food(health). Sometimes simultaneous challenges and distractions so that the game is harder for the user.

The game will be a mixture of genres, a 3rd person view shooter/survival with stealth elements and contain RPG elements, such as upgradable weapons, inventory and quests. The choices made in the game will slowly affect the characters appearance and capabilities, as well as in game allies.

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