Design document

The deadline for the submission of the game design document is fast approaching so we as a group have decided to work a lot harder on it to ensure that it’s finished well within time so that we can look it over once it is finished to check it meets the right standards.

I’ve been writing various bits of the document as and when i think of a way to word my ideas. We have decided that we’re going to choose a part of the document per group member and complete that part individually and then assess it as a group so that we can hopefully speed up the process of writing down our ideas.

The design document is getting much better now, although we need to rename some of the headings and remove unwanted ones, as we have been looking at the example documents to see what kind of content is required. We have then devised our own headings and sections to be put in the document.

We also need to think more about how we will pitch our game as we haven’t decided on a certain way of doing our pitch as of yet.

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