Level 2

I’ve redone level 2 so that it is now much easier to add multiple levels without repeating much code. I’ve created a ScenManager class that will deal with unloading the previous level and loading in the next, making sure that all unused Textures are unloaded from VRAM so that the game runs as smooth as possible.

The second level so far has coloured shapes to represent the “enemy” items in the game, and the landing pad has also been simplified. 

For the next update i intend to change what i have for the first level, so that the activity will only create the new level, the SceneManager will load it and then the level will be updated within the registered Update inside the activity.

This will cut down the size of the activity file significantly, which will be handy as i intend to have it deal with creating all the levels (each level being a separate class file that loads its own images etc)

i am still to even start thinking about having a highscore table, but i intend to add those kind of features once the basic game is completed(well as complete and bug free as i can get it)

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