Forged In Darkness

This will contain whats happening on the project I am currently focusing most of my time on.

“Forged In Darkness” Is a survival horror game designed to make you jump. It’s a 3rd year project that spans two trimesters. This being the second trimester is all about coding the game engine, and of course the game on top of that. There’s four guys in the group, allowing this game to be a bit more ambitious that previous projects, as well as it being 3rd year, and a lot being expected. I may post up a copy of the design document and/or the technical design document, or link to it if there is enough interest in the project .

Hopefully this “blog” will be enjoyable to read, and I hope to post an update of progress in the next post.

I’m assuming that you will know these terms, but feel free to leave me a comment, or drop me an email, as I’d love to get some feedback!

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