This week the dev team met up and discussed how the game’s engine is progressing. A lot of effort has been put into the base systems of the engine, for example the way items will be rendered.

Personally I’ve been working on the game’s menu system, and player characteristics. So far the menu system consists of several classes, all with the aim of making creating a menu more simple. A base menu interface with controllable aspects is the base of the game’s main menu. Also it consists of menu items (Play/Options buttons etc.) designed to be easy to implement.

The menu Items allow for the user to select menu items by mouse or keyboard input. Although this may sound like an obvious thing to add, in other University projects there has usually not been enough time to add these little features. Due to the first trimester dedicated to planning, and prototyping, we’re able to focus purely on building solid functionality into the game, making it something to be truly proud of.

With regards to the player, movement and other player mechanics have been added to the game. So far visually there is not huge amounts of progress, however with the thought that is going into the underlying code, adding game objects etc, should prove a simpler task. At least that is what we are aiming for.

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