Menu Time

Its been a bit of a long day working on the project, been a few silly problems that should have taken a lot less time to find, however now they’re found we have been working to solve them.

I’m currently working on the games menu system, so far this has proved to be slightly challenging due to unseen errors elsewhere in the code. With some help from the other guys in the dev team, the menu now displays, whereas it would not before. The functionality of the menu system was there, and you were able to start the game by selecting play, however the play button was not displaying. This turned out to be a typo in the games frame class.

There are still a few issues with the positions of items on the screen however, so we aim to sit down tomorrow and figure out exactly what is wrong and fix it before we move onto more “game-like” aspects, i.e the gameplay.

I’m rather excited to get onto adding more game objects, as well as collisions and sound elements. Hopefully tomorrow will be a productive day and we will not only complete our goals for tomorrow but exceed them, allowing for more time for some cool features to be added, fingers crossed. I predict quite a lot of coffee being consumed!

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