Prototype stage approaches

Hello again, and first off I apologize for the lack of posts and activity over the past 2 weeks. I’ve been busy working on the game code, and indeed my other modules on my course. Due to the lack of posts however I have more progress to report on this week.

The game as it stands so far have our player model (pretty sure this will be the final model we’ll use) as well as a gun, that fires, a first person camera (I’ll go into more detail shortly) and torch light framework. We’ve been coding away in the past two weeks to try and get the game to a prototype stage (basic level with most of the game-play aspects added) and we’re getting quite close now. after hours and hours of debugging we’re confident that it will be at that stage by next week. This had to be done really as next week will mark the mid way point of the 12 weeks and we have to produce the prototype for our lecturers, so that works out quite well.

The camera that has been made for the game has some dynamic features. For example, when the player is standing still, the camera will oscillate slightly, as if the person was breathing. Also when the player walks, or turns there is a slight momentum to their movement, adding some more realism to the game, as we want this to be as scary as possible, immersing the player in his creepy environment.

Stay tuned for some more updates, and hopefully a quick look at some early in game screenshots/video.

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