Getting there…

It’s getting much more exciting now, as we are now adding more and more game-play features, and getting the game ready for some alpha testing. Due to the time spent on the game’s engine, we are now able to add new features, and tweak them relatively easily. At the moment we are working on level design, trying to figure out whats going where in our warehouse of horrors.

Since the last update, the games pickups have been created, such as the very important batteries, and of course the key! Now that these key game-play elements are in, we are adding some extra features into the game to make it feel that bit more awesome. The features already in game, are constantly being tweaked and changed, both to inncrease the games performance (rather important) and of course to make the game feel better to play.

Hopefully, and I know I keep saying this, but hopefully we’ll have some video to show soon!

Thanks for reading

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