So the project is nearly due in, only a couple of weeks to go now. The development of the game won’t end there though. I think I can speak for the rest of the guys on the team when I say that we’re quite proud of how the game’s coming along. There’s so many ideas and extra dimensions we want to add into the game that we simply won’t have time to do before the deadline.
The game is mostly shaping up to be how it was described in the Design document we created in the 1st semester. There are some changes though, but fewer than I would have thought , which is a good thing.
Currently we are working on getting the gameplay right for the game, making sure the game plays as we intended it to. Sorting out glitches and fixing annoying bugs, of which we’ve found a few, better know as opposed to later though. I’m currently trying to get the enemies AI right. Make the player really fear those shadowy beasts lurking in the darkness.

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