Finishing touches

We’re nearing the hand in & presentation date now and it’s all getting quite exciting. Now the group is working on bug fixes, and tweaking the gameplay code to make it play right before next week. So far it’s turned out almost as expected, which I don’t think we were expecting, especially after some of the horrible problems we’ve come across. There were quite a few things that we brainstormed into the project plan that we unfortunately couldn’t implement in time. However the main features are indeed all added, and mostly working as we envisioned.

At the moment we are focusing more on the games documentation that we have to hand in after the presentation next Wednesday. It seems as though this Trimester has gone pretty quickly, but as I said before, I think we’re all quite proud of the game we’ve created. It’s not as polished as we’d hoped, but there is a possibility of us presenting it at Digital Futures, and if we decide to do that there’ll be a few more improvements made.

As for that continually promised video, we’ll have to make one before next weeks presentation, so when it’s done I’ll upload it, honest.

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