A ‘Mental’ summer

So there’s about a month left until the dreaded honours year begins. Although I’m looking forward to the upcoming trimesters back at uni, there’s a couple of closer deadlines I’ve been working towards.
Since I became part of the Mental limited development team, I’ve been spending the majority of my time producing a prototype iOS game. Together with the designers, artist and fellow coder, we’ve been building the prototype for several weeks now, and I’m happy to say its come a long way.
Over the next week we’ll all be going in to the office (as part of the Espark business opportunity) to tweak the various parts of the game that needed tweaking. Last time we all were able to work on the game in the same room it proved very productive. Face-to-face meetings are always more productive than e-conferencing.
I’ll aim to tweet and what not about how the game progresses over the week, so stay tuned and don’t forget to follow either myself (@BarneyRandall) or the team (@TheMentalGoose) on twitter.
Watch this space.

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