Unity Pro

so the game is progressing nicely in the Mental office, with the team all working away on their own parts of the Lucid Runner. This game has only been in development for around 3 and a half weeks, but already i’m surprised at how much is in the game already.

Only today myself and fellow programmer Tom had a good look at the Unity3D Pro 30 day trial, I have to say, we love it! I always thought that Unity Pro was merely about getting a few more shaders ( for real time shadows ) and some performance improvements. So very wrong. The profiling features alone allowed us to improve the games performance more that I care to say.  That coupled with the totally badass look of the dark skin of Uinty Pro that just makes it feel, well more badass.

So much code has been written on this runner game alone ( not to mention on other projects currently under way at Mental ) and I’m sure there will be a hell of a lot more to come. Especially with all the planned features and crazy fun things that will get added as the game progresses.

The Espark deadline is looming as well, which puts a little bit more pressure on us all to get the game up to scratch fast, without any compromise in quality, I do love a good challenge and i’m really looking forward to getting this game ready for release. So stay tuned for more updates on progress and such. Don’t forget to check out the twitter as well.

Watch this space!


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