Honours project madness

So the honours projects at the university are well under way, and the first set of submissions are drawing closer. For my project I have decided to invest my time into doing a Networking based project to add client-server functionality to a game engine. Sounds fun right? It really is, so far the university course (Computer games Technology) has been pretty focused on core programming principles and graphics programming (with OpenGL). This has been really great don’t get me wrong, but I have always been interested in computer networking, and the various security issues and various other aspects of networks. This is why I wanted to do networking as my honours project.


So far I have been frantically trying to learn the ins and outs of creating a network for a multi-player game, and there has been a lot to learn. I’ve decided to use the Raknet library to do this as it is very widely used, even in large game companies, so worth learning. I have created a simple client-server chat program, the server and client parts of this will form the basis of the interactive stage of the projects development. By this i mean adding 3D models in a game-like environment to mimic a game environment. Once I have achieved that step, there are various networking tests I will apply to test how my implementation will hold up against various networking problems.


So stay tuned for more updates to this project.

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