Global Game Jam 2014 – Glasgow Chapter

So the Global gamer jam was held across the globe last weekend, and it was immense to say the least. Being encouraged to stay up all through the night to create games, it was a joy. Myself and one or two others that attended this event are still attempting to catch up on sleep and return to a (relatively) normal sleeping pattern.

I attended the Glasgow chapter of this event, and it was indeed my first taste of the game jam experience, and I loved it. True there were a few points on the second night where I was a little grouchy perhaps, and problems took that little bit longer to solve due to having less than 2 hours of sweet sleep. However I’m proud of what my group and I achieved for our first jam, not quite polished by all means, but at least we found it fun.

So our game page is here at on the Global Game Jam site, and there is a download link for the game. It’s easy to run, just unzip and double click the EXE file. It’s made in Unity3D with a Pro trial licence. I’d appreciate any feedback on this, so next time we can do it better.


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