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The Base-jumper Lives

Hello again,

Today I’ve decided to try and finish off the first 3 levels of the game, and add a couple of basic options to the options button on the main menu. As mentioned in a previous post I did lose the latest version of the project due to a hard drive failure.

The plan is to first make some changes to the Texture/Audio managers to get the sprites images loading in correctly and efficiently once again.

Here are some current screenshots of the most recent version running on my Samsung Galaxy S. Please note that these are not the final images and are merely placeholders to allow me to push on with making the game. I am currently in the process of trying to find a suitable artist, as well as someone to do the audio effects.

Splash Menu Start lvl1 PlaceHolder Land


Unfortunately, due to a hard drive dying on me, and the backups i had not being up to date enough, this project has had to be put on the back seat for now. I am however working on it whenever i get the chance, however there has not really been enough progress to warrant a blog post. However I will post as soon as there is sufficient progress.

The last thing I added to the project was an audio and texture manager, to efficiently load and store the game assets.


Splash screen has been added, as well as a loading screen that displays whilst the previous level is unloaded and the next is loaded. At the moment the image is the same for all, but it is merely a placeholder image. I intend to add a pop-up box that will appear once a level is completed that will show scores etc and allow the user to go on to the next level or return to level selection(another page that must be implemented.

Level 2

I’ve redone level 2 so that it is now much easier to add multiple levels without repeating much code. I’ve created a ScenManager class that will deal with unloading the previous level and loading in the next, making sure that all unused Textures are unloaded from VRAM so that the game runs as smooth as possible.

The second level so far has coloured shapes to represent the “enemy” items in the game, and the landing pad has also been simplified. 

For the next update i intend to change what i have for the first level, so that the activity will only create the new level, the SceneManager will load it and then the level will be updated within the registered Update inside the activity.

This will cut down the size of the activity file significantly, which will be handy as i intend to have it deal with creating all the levels (each level being a separate class file that loads its own images etc)

i am still to even start thinking about having a highscore table, but i intend to add those kind of features once the basic game is completed(well as complete and bug free as i can get it)


Today i plan on making at least one more level for the game by extending the current Level class that hopefully has all the functionality i need to relatively easily add more levels.

I have made a start on this so far this morning, however i did not get that far as I am currently unsure whether to create a new level by:

Level2 = new Level2(params);

and then have everything in that class (such as adding sprites) to be done by super.loadSprites(); or to create a new Level inside the Level2 constructor and then work on the basis of this.level.loadSprites();


Changed to Vector

Righto, just changed all the arrays int Vector arrays, it looks like a nicer way of doing things, and of course has a bit more functionality to it that a regular array. 

At first it was a little too efficient and upon loading the second level all textures were unloaded, ie. there was nothing but the player on screen. This is partly because at the moment i am just using the same images for both levels. Once i have some proper images for the game i will then create separate level class files for each level, each with it’s own images to load in (and out).

Next i think that i will add an options button to the menu allowing for difficulty level changing. Then sound has to be implemented, however as with the images i am yet to have proper sounds for the game.

Progress so far…

So far i have been mainly focusing on building a level class that will deal with pretty much all of the content in the levels. Such as loading in sprites/images (soon sounds) as well as dealing with collisions and updating the sprites in the level. I have decided to use only one activity for the game but to use multiple “scenes” for the different screens throughout the game. The “scenes” are part of the AndEngines functionality. As i am using the “scenes” I have to deal with unloading the images from the VRAM when the player moves onto a new level, to prevent the game from slowing down or indeed crashing, which is very bad indeed. I am currently doing this by using arrays, however i plan to change them to Vector arrays before adding any more functionality to the game.

public void unload(){


for(int j = 0; j<texCount;j++){





The above code is used for unloading the textures that are used in that level from VRAM. The Sprites themselves are also removed from the scene in a similar mannor.